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  • Original content; no  plagiarism.
  • Excellent text  readability.
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.
  • Anti-Plagiarism verification.
  • Previous research before the writing process.
  • Fast delivery times.

BuyAText is the ultimate solution

100% original texts

Unique and exclusive texts in native English, created just for you.


SEO optimized articles

Specialists in the use of semantics and naturalness in keywords.

Save hours of work

Forget about spending your time writing, we love it.

Texts adapted to new voice searches

Positioning for voice searches (Google home, Alexa).

Types of web texts we write


How do we work with SEO articles?

  1. Analysis
    We perform a “keyword research” for each text and analyze your competition to achieve the best results.
  2. Editorial staff
    We write each text with the utmost care, the highest quality and always with excellent spelling.
  3. Review
    Our proofreaders are in charge of checking that all texts are perfect for positioning and selling.
  4. Fast delivery
    We pass the Anti-Plagiarism check and deliver the texts in Word format.

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If you are not satisfied with the results, we will rewrite the texts

Very good service, quality of the texts and delivery time. I will repeat for sure.

Laura García Salvador

Growth Hacker. +14.000 Contacts, LinkedIn

Since I work with them I don’t worry about the content for my niches. And they all go up.

David García SEO

Professor at IEBS. 12K Followers, Twitter

Being a Youtuber, is to have little time to record, edit and also create quality content. That’s why I bet on Buyatext! I can order optimized text content for each video I upload to my Youtube Channel.
Miguel Mart

SEO Youtuber. +25.400 Followers, Youtube Channel

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More than 1,700 satisfied customers. 90% of digital entrepreneurs repeat with us.

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0 - 5.000
Total words

  • 1 image without copyright
  • Anti-plagiarism verification
  • Perfect spelling
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO Optimization
$3,49 100 words

Total words

  • 1 image without copyright
  • Anti-plagiarism verification
  • Perfect spelling
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO Optimization
$3,09 100 words

Are you tired of your texts not positioning?

  • Accelerated reading: We highlight the most important sentences and parts of the text so that your readers can scan through your publication.
  • Natural texts: With the arrival of the Google update “BERT”, we put a lot of emphasis on the naturality of the sentences to make them everyday and organic.
  • Keyword research: We research each content and find the most profitable words to position.
  • Synonyms and semantics: We enrich your texts with variations, synonyms, semantic groups of words, and LSI.
  • Competitor study: We analyze your competition to achieve an optimum result.
  • Choose your title: The rest is up to us. We have the experience, training, and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not satisfied with the texts delivered, do I have a guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with our texts, we will rewrite them or correct the necessary aspects totally free of charge.

Are your editors English?

Our team has over 27 native speakers that are highly qualified and 3 supervisors to make sure you get the perfect text.

How do I know that your texts position my website?

Because we do a great job of analysis and keyword research beforehand. That’s why 90% of our clients repeat. If you are not satisfied, tell us about it in this chat or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

Do you edit any subject and sector?

The large staff of professionals who write for you allows us to always have the right writer who knows your topic like no one else. We are highly specialized  in creating high-value content for e-commerce, TSA and affiliate sites.

What if the text I request is over 5,000 words, does it take you long?

You can have high quality SEO content for your website in a very short time; between 6-10 business days.

What do you need to write the texts?

The title is enough, but we appreciate you telling us the tone, the structure publication followed in your web, etc. Our previous Google research will do the rest.


Your website positioning will improve in Google and Bing.

+Positioned words

Quick increase in organic traffic and new customer acquisition


We offer you an infinite number of keywords thanks to our SEO expertise.


You will increase your income without doing anything. We take care of EVERYTHING.

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We respond very quickly

Copywriting: Everything you need to know

If you are looking for tips and for the best copywriters or writer professionals on digital platforms, you are in the right place.

We will let you know some of the keys to find both copywriters and high quality content.

If you need to find writers and teams that can generate efficient content for your platform and deliver it quickly, do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

Buy cheap SEO articles

From Buyatext, we manage to consolidate projects of diverse nature and extension, thus, helping to position your company. These projects are divided into several plans that are economic and affordable quality contents.

You have the option of paying 1.99 euros for every hundred words if the workload stands between 100 and 5,000 words.

Additionally, you can pay 1.75 euros for every 100 words if the workload stands between 5,000 and 20,000 words.

If the workload is over 20,000 words, you will have to pay 1.55 euros for every 100 words.

Buy quality web content at the best price

At Buyatext, we will show you the latest trends and you will be able to choose the best fit from a wide variety of texts.

Product comparison and reviews

Comparisonsare undoubtedly a sure value when it comes to publishing an article, and they are really great and productive when it comes to implementing an affiliate strategy.

They can be adapted to any of the topics you can think of. In very little work space, you can condense large amounts of information, which will surely improve web traffic.

Instead of writing long paragraphs with general advice, you can switch to this organized and more concrete segmentation of information, ensuring that no reader will be bored with your content.

Buyatext guarantees to convert visits into product sales if you hire our content writing services for comparisons or general product reviews.

Case studies

Case studies are very reliable, as they have an incredible capacity for engagement., preferably aimed at services or products that you want to sell more, and generate confidence in the audience. There is nothing better for a product or service in the eyes of your audience than to understand based on a real case that serves as a test or experiment.

In this way, the true potential of what is being sold is contemplated. It is a very successful way to turn the product or service into an experience, increasing the temptation to buy.

Sponsored articles

Finally, one of our allies in the writing of quality content are blog articles that direct the reader to a specific product or service, recommending such services or adding value to the brand of the company behind it.

These texts are very useful and are currently widely used in the press and in general information consumption portals.

Remember that you can always give Buyatext the necessary guidelines to achieve your desired project.They are experts in content writing and SEO!

Buy web articles: Features of the best articles

In Buyatext, you can also buy articles indifferent styles. This is something that sets us apart from other agencies that offer this same service.

We understand that you may need more informative, original, or impartial content, according to the structure of each event or product. All while maintaining an objective approach.

Additionally, we can give your website a closer look through opinion texts, or the possibility of promoting products and services with articles that will certainly raise the prestige of your brand or company.

Copy for my website

In Buyatext, we also do copywork in order to improve the persuasiveness of your content.

We compromise to comply with the following points:

  • Straightforward text; based on headings, short sentences and paragraphs no longer than 4 lines.
  • At least one main title in each page, so that visitors can easily know the page they are in.
  • Concise titles; legible and with a clear connection to the main theme.
  • The subtitles are used with the intention of maintaining people’s interest for the following ideas.
  • The features and benefits of the service or product being sold will be mentioned throughout the text.
  • The customer’s objections to making the purchase are all refuted within the text, which expresses some of the advantages of said service or product.
  • In order to have a better structure, and for better SEO, paragraphs are now considered points..

Buy SEO texts for positioning: How do we work at Buyatext?

At Buyatext, we guarantee that your content will rank at the top of web searches.

  • The aim is to consolidate a streamlined reading, highlighting the most important sentences, so that readers can effectively retain the main ideas of the text.
  • Keyword Research is really vital for Buyatext, with the possibility of researching the content by means of your most searched words, thus, qualifying them as keywords.
  • The texts gain in richness through semantics and synonyms. We avoid annoying repetitions and redundancies and give a lot of variety and dynamics to the reading.
  • Before the creation of content, we also do competition studies, in order to be more efficient and not to repeat their mistakes and learn from their weaknesses.

SEO content curation services

In addition, we provide content curation services for the optimization of content at the time of publication. There are 4 key stages when working with texts:

  • Analysis and understanding of how other published texts work, with keyword research, according to the clients necessities.
  • We write the text according to the parameters of the best strategy of previous posts and articles.
  • The text is revised so that it is ideal for positioning and selling successfully.

Apart from its quick delivery, the text goes through an anti-plagiarism system. We wait for the customer’s approval and modify what is necessary.

Hire English and Spanish copywriters

You will be able to find writers in either of the two languages. At Buyatext, you will have an excellent bilingual team for writing. All of them are fully qualified to work on texts in one language and  to translate into the other.

Buy web content in English

With these copywriters, we aim to achieve quality work in a language in which it is sometimes difficult to find copywriters. That is why we surround ourselves with the best English copywriters, to continue offering a quality service even in a language that we are not native in.

English copywritters

Some of our copywriters are bilingual, and others are dedicated entirely to writing in English. Because Spanish is a richer language in both conjugations and grammar, native speakers will guarantee you a more attractive work in captivating the reader with every word.

All these types of texts and different orientations that we have mentioned are just some of the many advantages that you will get with the purchase of articles in Buyatext. In addition to having methodologies and work stages that guarantee the highest quality.